Staying at home - a time to slow down and let creativity flow?

Like most of us I am busy, so busy that sometimes Monday has morphed into Friday with barely a dent in the tasks I've racked up for myself for that week and this was even before lockdown changed all the days into one.  

We all seem to have an endless stream of to-do lists that never completely get finished, houses to clean, kids activities to schedule, mundane tasks like supermarket shopping or laundry (seriously my laundry is ridiculous ) but when do we take time out of a normal week to just sit, relax, read or create?  Hardly ever that's when!

I'm lucky enough that I can work from home with my Buff and Blue products but this isn't my only gig.  I'm what is apparently called a Slasher - not in the creepy murderous sense - but in that I have multiple streams of income and regularly work all 4 different professions on a regular basis which means that down time is rare and cherished.  

Now I know that since we've been in lockdown you're probably sick of people online bragging of how they've baked sourdough or suggesting we learn a new language (Gwyneth I'm looking at you!), but maybe if we can just learn to take a little bit of time for ourselves that's not such a bad thing right?  

So my promise to myself is that I won't waste my own time while I have it.  I probably won't show my disastrous attempts at Macrame with the rope I bought last year or the horrible job that I'll probably make of the clothes that have laid aside to customise and so far my experiments of Natural Botanical Dying have been wholly underwhelming but there's always time to try again.  

Even if you just think about the things you want to do but don't actually get around to making any of the things you planned because you're too busy binge watching the entire Marvel Universe film back catalogue or trying to exhaust your little darlings with a combination of Joe's P.E. and desperate attempts at understanding your 10 year olds homework at least we now have time to think.

Now in no way am I trying to make light of the horrible situation that we as a planet have found ourselves in but if there are any positives to be had its the gift of time - time to slow down, time to be together, time to create and time to dream. So if your attempt at a foraged spring wreath looks more like a blind bird tried to make a nest or your vegan cake would be better used to anchor a large ship don't worry too much about it - enjoy the process and move onto the next Pinterest board.  Now where did I put that macramé rope??




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